Sunday, October 29, 2006


So welcome to the new adress of the blog, The old adress couldnt hold the bandwith or something like that from to many hits. Anyway, as promised, here is the official ratings of the PRI

Poo rating index

1.1- very liquidy(much like rotten milk), with a few light lumps or bumps in it

1.2- much like 1.1, but a few more lumps and bumps

1.3- still very liquidy, but instead of lumps and bumps you have miniscule chunks(similar to oatmeal)

1.4- still more liquid than solid, but the chunks are bigger

1.5- basically one decent sized chunk mostly solid but not very sturdy

1.6- little liquid comes out, chunk is a little bit more sturdy and dense than a 1.5

1.7- load comes out, texture is soft and crumbly but usually stays in solid form unless touched or breaks into two when ontact with ground is made depending on size and height froom which it is dropped

1.8- loaf comes out, a little more sturdy than 1.7 (somewhat like the strudyness of a banana)

1.9- loaf comes out, very solid, yet still not quit a normal crap

2.0- normal, regular, crap. this is solid as a rock and can be handled easily without breakage, can float or sink but stays very sturdy either way.